The last secrets

I really tried to

swallow those words about


but dear,

they just won’t stay inside of me

they are breaking loose no matter how

sharp these walls may be

they act just like those clouds up there

Don’t hush me dear, don’t hush me down

and I promise that I will reveal the last secrets too

And I know you care,

more than I can understand

when it comes to you I actually do

even though I don’t trust anyone anymore

And you said that I am your sun

but you know,

you are the other half


and  without you I’m less than nothing


I spell the fairy

You spell the tale

Your belief is what makes me

real at all

And all your flying words get together somehow

with me

And forever and ever

the most sparkling and

heartbreaking beautiful thing I will ever know

is going to be our



Don’t make me an illusion, dear
Remember, remember

Don’t ever forget


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