It just can't be

I heard a story

I can tell you a story dear

It may be scary

may be shimmering

but most of all it’s our own hidden secret

as hidden as those wounds you think I cannot see

or those tears that mark every smile of yours

It’s the story about light

I heard it’s really beautiful and

I heard that it can warm a soul

melt some of the unbreakable ice inside

I heard that it can stitch those wounds

wouldn’t it be nice to try?

Come burn your fingers in this fire

Come burn your eyes

And you know,

I heard that

haloes have light

the strongest of all, I heard them say

the strongest light of worlds

wouldn’t it be nice to try and catch?

Come with me,

let’s search for it

let’s chase that light on the

other side

Let’s haunt down some angels

You and I

And find out what we’ll see in their blood


it just can’t be like ours


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