You are not here to

hold me tonight

and you won’t be tomorrow

The candles I try to disappear into

just burn me dear

they are nothing but hurting

and the empty holes

keep tearing these pieces apart


the spaces are widening in here

and I know you won’t hear me

when I whisper that

I can’t take this

but I beg of you

keep some tiny piece of me in

some forgotten drops of your blood


my last breath will only hold

the fear of leaving you

And remember

I was only looking for

some magic to lay in your way

I searched the life out of me

but I am not the hero of this story

I will never see that

happy ending

and so I wave goodbye

In silence, fading breaths

hush the heartbeats

Remember, remember

Postat av: Vulpes Zerda

du har gjort det igen...du är lite för bra:)

2010-06-17 @ 10:09:12

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