Dear End

Dear End,

keep holding his hand

just as tight

Keep walking right beside him

don’t leave

but please,

don’t take him away just yet

wait at least a day, or  two

(an eternity, wait forever more)

because he has a heart

and soul to save

It’s not his own this time

but it is the ones

pounding and hurting inside of


His heart is so beaten down

has had to take so much more

than any nightmares could ever imagine

He is the

Prince of Survival

(but I am his shield)

and some kind of magic

should really try to make him


because he deserves it

more than anything

And dear End,

walk right beside me,

I said that I would follow you so soon

but just not yet

because he has a heart and soul to save

and I just might believe in him

he just might succeed

(like no one else ever could,

even this time)

After all,

his world is not like

anything I have ever seen

or even heard of,

not at all

maybe even light could show

And through every breath

(which nothing else than your breaths

make me take

You know, it’s true

I need you to breathe the air,

before my lungs know how)

I will try to spell your magic

and write it down with

the blood moving through my

darkened heart

hear me,

Prince of

S u r v I v a l

as I trust your hand

and take just another breath

Hear me

and you know

I will always try to save you

with everything I can

(keeping each other alive

like all the times we’ve

left Death behind, alone when he

really thought he had us

Like all those times

I’d always give up my life

for you)

Dear End,

I just might believe

Tillägnat V

Postat av: Vulpes Zerda

helt underbar och det vet du att jag tycker

2010-06-09 @ 23:39:26

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