When I looked at the sky tonight
it was wearing your colours
beginning to show some of those stars, 
those stars I used to wish upon
Wishes to protect your every step,
every single breath, 
calm your heartbeats and
hold your shaking hands
And you know,
the air spell your name
through every night and day 

And you said
I saw those tears
long before they rolled down your face
and truth is
my heart is only resting
in your embrace

Come closer now,
come as close as we became
You know I have so much to tell you
and so much warmth left to give
I don't want to feel like
you're so far away 

"Promise to wait for me
when I come home"

And the sky was wearing your colours tonight

Postat av: flamingopojken

jag dör på de sista meningarna :c <3

2010-09-10 @ 11:34:09
Postat av: huldrehamn

Oerhört vackert!

2010-09-19 @ 11:52:00

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