At least some time more

I am a prison of sort

I hold the crimes and criminals of our

lives and breaths

inside the bars of my chest

if you don’t mind

I will whisper the stories to you


tonight, when everything is

playing with bullets and

charmed by the “hush” in the air

We kill the judge and just

let all be

inside my prison

all flows, runs, around

and around

in circles that leads to new places

all the time

And one crime above all

is yours

if you don’t mind

I will tell you the story again

The crime started with you

stealing from my soul,

breaking in to my heart

beating up my lungs and pulse

so that it will keep pounding

for you

And you managed,

they are still keeping me alive

and I think they will for

at least some time more

because you have given me

more time than I understood,

just by breathing

and you will never leave my prison, no

even though you can flee at any time

I will keep you here

For all time


and at least some time more


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