Ashes and imaginary wings

My feet were placed

too many meters above ground today

The words I never say out loud

(the ones that

echo in my head every

goddamn second

around and

around again)

turned to smoke

and left marks of

ashes all over me

as the sky chose to lay

its eyes on something else

(something beautiful

something worth other than


Some of the air

carried away

pieces of the ashes

(pieces of me)

and held it tight as they slowly

fell to the ground


but imaginary wings won't keep

the bones from breaking

will they?

And so they fell

as easy as a breath in the air

until there was nothing left to

breathe for

but my air seem so


so heavy

(not as light as the one

that held pieces so tight)

Oh, won't you

let me take the last steps too

and maybe you can hope

for your magic fairytale to

turn true

maybe you can hope for

wings to show

(cause you know dear,

right now

they just don't)

Postat av: Vulpes Zerda

wow...du fick mina ögon att läcka.

2010-06-09 @ 23:40:29
Postat av: huldrehamn

Väldigt vacker dikt, och du är väldigt bra på att uttrycka dig på engelska! :o)

2010-09-15 @ 12:14:27

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