Simple words,
feelings larger than life
Bleeding letters and
crying ink
Why are my breaths not
by your side tonight,
where are your heartbeats and 
why is my heart screaming in
dispear, so lost without you here

I know why the first snow fell today

Crystal breaths and cold cold air

I won't see you tonight

and you may break into
more than a million pieces
in places where my ribs are far away
My arms stay wide open
but the spaces in between is
stealing all the warmth

You will break tonight

and all I can do is
fold our letters into hearts
to somehow try to
keep you alive

And I will blow them away in the storm

and pray that they'll reach you in time

Postat av: flamingopojken

men åh ._.

den här var verkligen magi

du är bäst

2010-10-23 @ 19:17:37

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